Limes Are On a Mission to Fight For Emoji Equality!

Have you ever typed the word lime on your iPhone and seen a lemon emoji pop up? What’s up with that?

LEMONS are yellow. They’re great with a spot of tea, a tart, a curd, a crumpet –basically anything that might be enjoyed by a 93 year old grandmother wearing a bonnet and knitting a pair of mittens.

But LIMES on the other hand are a vibrant shade of green! They add a kick of flavor when squeezed over a chicken taco and give a refreshing splash of ‘yum’ when inserted into an ice-cold Corona.

See?!!! There’s a BIG difference.

So it all makes us wonder: Why on earth is there a LEMON emoji, but not a LIME?

At LIME Fresh Mexican Grill, we think that’s unacceptable. We’re long overdue for a LIME emoji.  It’s time to give limes a chance. It’s LIMETime!

If you agree, then join the revolution. Check out our video here, share it with your crew and demand emoji equality!


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