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Hot Sauce Freaks, Rejoice! Introducing: The Freakin’ Forty

Scald. Sear. Singe. Char. You might think we’ve landed ourselves in the local Burn Unit, but don’t panic — it’s just a friendly reminder to visit the LIME Hot Sauce Bar!

Call us crazy, but yes. Those are the real, birth-given, straight-to-the-point names of LIME’s exclusive line of hot sauces. Nothing to hide here! Let’s meet the family:

Char – Savory Chipotle Pepper Sauce

Ignite – Garlic Habanero

Scald – Spicy Habanero Sauce

Sear – Powerful Jalapeno

Singe – Mexican Pepper Sauce

Burn – Hot & Spicy Pepper Sauce

Hold on to Your Pants
Our hot sauce bar is less of a cozy cottage and more of a hoppin’ insane asylum featuring a collection of wild sauces, spanning a variety of brands, and lovingly referred to as “The Freakin’ Forty.” These feisty freaks are forty different bottles spanning from “just a little kick” to “knock-your-socks off hot!”

Despite their difference, all of our hot sauces all share a common goal: Kick up any LIME Fresh meal’s flavor by a few decibels or blow it up big time. Let’s meet some of our favs:

Cholula – A classic. Also known as “el sabor perfecto”

Melinda’s – Inspired by mothers and grandmothers everywhere

Dave’s Gourmet – Ranging from Warm to Insanely Hot

Tabasco Brand- A Timeless Taste since 1868

Iguana & Bee Sting – Two Half Moon Bay products. Gluten-free and Non-GMO

Marie Sharp – Farm-to-bottle freshness from Belize, Central America


Sharing is Caring
The Best Part? We don’t limit the ”Freakin’ Forty” fun to just ourselves! We invite all of our LIME-goers to submit their favorite hot sauces HERE (link: http://limefreshmexicangrill.com/freakin-forty/ )


Learn what makes LIME Fresh different; because different is always exciting.

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